Is Bigger Better? Commercial vs Residential

Is Bigger Better? Commercial vs Residential

Is_Bigger_Better_Commercial_vs_Residential_Real_EstateIs bigger, better? Is commercial real estate a better investment than residential. You're about to join me in the studio with a radio host as we discuss this all important topic. You'll learn about the economies of scale that commercial multi family properties create, the reduction in downside risks when experiencing vacancies, the productivity of using the same amount of time to do larger deals, the removal of emotions from selling decisions and much more. Most importantly, you can decide yourself if bigger is better:


  1. Lamarcus Stephenson says:

    I Learned so much from you Peter. I’m trying to get into the mobile home business but I don’t have any capital to do so. I’ve watched all your videos and just downloaded your book and now ready to put things into motion. It’s difficult not having any money and i don’t wanna revert to my old ways of getting money. Peter give me some advice on where to find funding? I tried wholesaling properties but what are the chances of someone giving you power of attorney to sell their property I’m a complete stranger to them.

  2. I was just thinking about when the next Peter Harris edition was coming out. Thank you Peter, I really do my best to keep up to date with your installments. I still have big plans to get in to the CRE business.

  3. warren currier says:

    I almost could NOT listen to this Barry character for the first three minute but I did.
    And after that I decided to not be so critical of his hyped voice and listen.
    Man. am I glad I did.

    Currently, I have three income properties and the idea of owning one 30-unit building sounds great!
    And, YES, I did hear the entire story… 168.

    This interview went from irritating in a bad way to irritating in a good way.

    Now I recognize that I need to step-up asap!
    The time is NOW… Peter when your phone rings, it is me.

  4. I have been following you for sometime now. I went into Manufactured Sales with Clayton Homes as a Home Consultant to learn more about the Industry. I’ve taking all of my Real Estate Courses to take my Exam to become a Realtor in the San Antonio Texas area. However, the more I learn I like the idea of Commercial Real Estate. I would like to know how your program could help me break into Commercial Real Estate as a newbie?


  6. Ahmad Husein says:

    I appreciate your assistance. Thanks

  7. winnie ganaban says:

    I have watched most of Peter Harris videos and I love learning from him i tried to check other videos about real estate and still for me he is the best ever!! Thank you Peter you are such an inspiration your humility and your dedication to teach people is awesome more power to you!!

  8. It is real refreshing to find someone that really knows apartment investing and is willing to pass on his knowledge to people without charging a huge fee for it. Thanks Peter

  9. Estella Moore says:

    Great info! Thank you!

  10. I SELL COMMERCIAL PROPERTY, Also i need to learn THE BEST COURSE to get more knowledge.

  11. I need to learn THE BEST COURSE to get more knowledge. Any free classes ?

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