How to Catch up on Your Lack of Retirement Savings

How to Catch up on Your Lack of Retirement Savings

Discover how to catch up on your lack of retirement savings using commercial real estate. You’ll learn how Protege Program member Jim was able to purchase his first commercial property and earn $2,400 per month, investing only $60,000 upfront for the investment as well as creating an additional $400,000 in equity! And the very same process and formula that Jim used, can be repeated by anyone who watches this video. Learn how you can invest in commercial real estate and make up for lost time in your quest for a financially secure retirement:


  1. Vern & Randaleen Franklin ( brother and sister) says:

    Working on catching up and would to set up a plan around purchasing some units for retirement.

  2. Felicia Richardson says:

    Hello Mr. Harris – I truly would like to do some investing in Commercial Real Estate. I am willing to play the bigger game of doing commercial investing. I would like to know what it would take for you to coach me. I do not have much money for my income was decreased due to illness in the family. I need to find something to make more income and prepare for the future. I always enjoy your videos, but was focusing on wholesaling, but these are just keeping me barely above water. Thank you for helping others.

    • Peter Harris says:

      Apply to my Protege Program Here.

      • Ralph Miller says:

        Hi Mr. Harris. I am a 54 year old teacher who is going through a divorce after 17 years of marriage. I have little to nothing and need help. I am afraid that the rest of my life will be spent playing catch up financially (even without this divorce) and that I will never realize any dreams that I have (had.) I need help and I need the encouragement, I cannot do this alone.

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  4. Jimmie L Drake says:

    Who can talk to get a chance to catch up my retirement. To be mentoring me on how to find a commercial 8 unit commercial property. Thanks.

  5. Vaden Haynes says:

    A – n0
    B – yes
    C – yes

  6. I would like to get into this but I have no liquid start up money how and what can i do to start without a liquid initial investment.
    Answers to questions
    a. yes
    b. yes
    c. yes

  7. Yep, this is me. I need to do this. I gotta wholesale before I can pay for your mentor program. I have your “…Dummies” book but I want a hard copy of the other one. I cannot find hard or soft copy online. Is it ONLY available as an ebook?

  8. Hello, Sir,
    I am “B’ and “C” really. My savings were wiped out due to family and medical bills. I’m 45, broke and in need of passive income to boost my disability. I signed up for the Udemy course so hopefully I can do a few deals to eventually apply for your mentorship. Thank you for doing this video for folks like me who have to start ovcr from zero at an age north of 40.

  9. Mary Stead says:

    Excellent video, I am on SS and have no retirement. I have been trying to do real estate investing, but have not done a deal yet. Thank you

  10. Bigger game

  11. cedric m williams says:

    Working on catching up on retirement as well as having to start over in life all together, pension and annuities were drastically effected in the past years and want to create a much better life for my family all together.

  12. Gayle Barlow says:

    A No
    B YES
    C YES

  13. Tyrone Wright says:

    Ready to play a bigger game, I have some retirement money coming to me when the time comes and I’d like to invest in commercial real estate. I would love to work with a mentor like you thank you for helping others.

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