5 Best Commercial Real Estate Types for Individual Investors

5 Best Commercial Real Estate Types for Individual Investors

5_Best_Commercial_Real_Estate_TypesYou're about to discover the 5 best commercial real estate types for individual investors. Many of the iconic commercial properties you drive by everyday are owned or controlled by larger investment firms, such as real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Private Equity Funds, Trusts and other large institutional investors. Competing against those folks can be difficult because they have virtually unlimited amounts of cash and only require a small return on their investment dollar. For individual investors like you and me, we need larger returns with less capital. So what properties are best for people like us? Find out in this video, "The 5 Best Commercial Real Estate Types for Individual Investors".


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Here's a summary of what you learned in the video above:

5 Best Commercial Real Estate Types for Individual Investors

1.Apartments (0:48)

  • 5 units and greater are considered commercial real estate

Why Invest in Apartments?

  • Everyone needs a place to live
  • You can generate a large amount of Cash flow
  • Force appreciation by increasing rents or reducing expenses
  • Apartments produce great tax shelters
  • As you make your mortgage payments you reduce your principal and create equity
  • You create wealth by increasing your equity and cash flow
  • Easiest commercial real estate to get into

SWEETSPOT of Apartments:

  • Between $500,000 and $5 million
  • Not worth it to go below
  • Too much competition above

CONS for Apartment Investing

  • If your neighboring developers are building new apartments
  • New builds will attract your buildings ability to attract new tenants
  • Sometimes people do bad deals

2.Self-Storage (3:52)

  • Self storage are commercial buildings with individual rooms where people store their stuff
  • They come in different sizes
  • Also include boats and rvs stored

WHY Invest in Self-Storage?

  • Same as Apartments but you are missing two things that are to your advantage
  • Missing tenants (easy evictions, not labor intensive)
  • Missing Toilet Repairs (Less maintenance)
  • Creates cash flow
  • Force Appreciation
  • Experts consider Self-storage economy proof

Sweet Spot of Self Storage

  • Buy a large enough self-storage facility to be able to employ a property manager
  • Do not do this yourself

Cons of Investing in Self-Storage:

  • If the neighborhood has decreased in value your facility might not be desirable
  • Location is extremely important
  • It can take a while to occupy all of the units

3.Shopping Centers (7:38)

  • Strip centers large or small
  • Shopping malls indoors or outdoors

WHY Invest in Shopping Centers?

  • Stability
  • Most tenants sign a 5-20 year lease

Sweet Spot of Shopping Centers:

  • Buy Small, start small, and scale up

Cons of Shopping Centers:

  • Capital Intensive
  • Need lots of cash
  • If a major tenant leaves It can take up to 30% of the income
  • You will still have to pay mortgage as you build up for the next tenant

4.Office Buildings (10:13)

  • Single building with one tenant all the way up to a skyscraper that’s 80 floors and dozens of tenants

WHY Do We Invest in Office Buildings?

  • When the economy is booming their rents can be astronomical
  • Can make a lot of money by holding onto them for a long period of time

Sweet Spot of Investing in Office Buildings:

  • Start small, buy an office building with multiple tenants with long term leases
  • Cons of Investing in Office Buildings:
  • They depend on the economy
  • If the economy goes down the office building goes down

5.Mobile Home Parks (12:20)

  • You either own the mobile home park and the tenants bring the mobile home
  • You own both the park and the homes and rent out both
  • It is better to own only the mobile home park aka dirt because less maintenance and expenses

WHY Invest in Mobile Home Parks

  • They produce cash flow
  • Affordable housing demand is great
  • You won’t see many new ones being built
  • Tenants tend to stay a very long time
  • Most mobile home parks are seller financed

Sweet Spot of Investing in Mobile Home Parks:

  • Buy a mobile home park that is big enough to hire a property manager

Cons of Investing in Mobile Home Parks:

  • They have a negative reputation
  • Financing for mobile home parks is difficult to get


  • F.O.C.U.S

Follow One Course Until Successful

  • Choose one route to go and stick with it
  • Weigh the probability and the size of the investment


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